Tree Ring Pour Workshop

Tree Ring Pour 

A tree ring pour is a method of pouring acrylic paint. The paint is layered in a cup and then poured onto the canvas to form rings. The paint can be manipulated to make a painting that looks like the rings of a tree - hence the name - or it can be manipulated to look like layers. You can also do multiple ring pours on the same canvas for a different effect.

The sky is the limit with this technique and it is lots of fun to do! 

Example using Teal & Orange

Workshop Outline

15 minutes demonstration of a ring pour

Mix your own paints (3 colours per person)

Create your own piece of art!

Results are not guaranteed but you will create a unique, one of a kind piece of art

You will be supplied with...
One canvas 10” by 10 “ or 8” by 8 + Stir Sticks + Plastic Cups & Aprons + Individual Work Stations (2-4 people) + Acrylic Paints + Floetrol (a latex paint additive, needed to help with the pouring) 

Paintings will stay in my art room until they are dry; you will be required to pick up at a later date

(2 to 3 days)

Workspace Setup

"Thank you Jillian for sharing your talent with us! You're a great teacher and you did amazing helping me make my picture just what I wanted."

Workshop Participant

"I really enjoyed meeting all the ladies and the paintings turned out pretty good too!"

Workshop Participant