Bringing beauty and colour to your walls

Currently located in Belleville, Ontario

Jillian Bathgate

My name is Jillian Bathgate.

After experiencing heartbreak and grief I turned to art as a form of therapy to ease my mind. I find the act of paint pouring to be a way to relieve my stress in unpredictable times and bring a calming sense of peace to my life.

My paintings are inspired by the colours I see in the world; they never really turn out the way I plan and I often refer to them as my wayward children. I am always surprised and thankful that there is no need to be perfect when creating my pieces of art.

People have purchased my art for many reasons and one of them is that they find beauty in the abstracts I produce. When people attend a workshop, I hope that they will learn something about the practice of pour painting, they will have fun with their friends and with the different colours and techniques that are offered. I also hope that they will enjoy and appreciate the process in producing their own one of a kind piece of art.